It takes research and some serious TLC to write the kind of copy that captures your brand essence, explains how your offering will change your ideal customer's life for the better, and turns window-shoppers into loyal followers.

I’ll match (or help develop) your brand voice, and write mouth-watering words that speak to your perfect-fit customer. I’m talking engaging, soulful, SEO-sprinkled copy that’s strategic yet totally ‘you’.

Sounds good 👍


Caitlin has been working with Hollabox for over a year now… She is a very skilled writer and individual, who is more than capable of adapting her writing style to different platforms and audiences.”

– Emily Cruickshank, CMO of Hollabox

Happy Clients

I’ve worked with everyone from solopreneurs and startups, to nationwide non-profits and award-winning luxury businesses. Below you will find a few of the clients I've had the pleasure of writing copy for over the years.

I’ve been working with Caitlin for over 3 years now and can’t recommend her enough. She works quickly and efficiently, producing high quality, polished content every time.
- Susie Ma, Founder of Tropic Skincare, Forbes 30 Under 30 winner
We were lucky enough to be recommended Caitlin’s services whilst embarking on the journey of completely redesigning our website. After sending over my mindless ramblings on what I wanted our new look website to say to our customers, I received a very prompt revamp of what would eventually become our new website copy. I was extremely impressed, not only with the changes made, but how it was presented to me, in a format that explained both what was changed, why it was changed, and suggested further edits and keywords for SEO optimisation, to help make the copy more engaging to potential clients. The flow of information is now greatly improved thanks to Caitlin’s hard work.
- Carl Moore, Client Liaison/Band M.D. at JTen Events
Caitlin has been working with Hollabox for over a year now, on various projects including copywriting, creating our content strategy and managing all our social channels. She is a very skilled writer and individual, who is more than capable of adapting her writing style to different platforms and audiences. She’s shown a huge amount of flexibility in her role and is always full of great ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our content and platform. Her hardworking, positive and sociable nature have made her a real asset to our team, and we always look forward to working with her.
- Emily Cruickshank, CMO of Hollabox

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as 'copywriting'?

Good question! I think of it as anything with words on that helps showcase your business. Here are some of the things I've written over the years:

Websites, brochures, ebooks, banner ads, marketing collateral, leaflets, social media campaigns, event staging, product packaging, whitepapers, speeches, blog posts, brand taglines, venue signage, menu copy, email newsletters, product catalogues, sales emails, press releases, award entry forms, and more.

How much do you charge?

It entirely depends on the project and time spent. I’m very up-front about costs so I aim to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be spending before I start work.

I also offer a Startup Discount and Charity Discount. To find out my prices per project, feel free to get in touch through the contact form with a rough idea of what it is you need, and I’ll come back to you ASAP.

What if I need changes?

That's no problem. When we agree to work together, I typically offer several rounds of revisions within the price of the work, which we can discuss before I begin. I only charge extra in cases where there has been drastic or unreasonable changes, or if the scope of the work changes part way through a project. Again, we'll chat about this beforehand so we're both clear on what needs to be done.

I like what I've written. Do I need to change it?

Absolutely not! If you already have some great copy written, but you feel it could use a bit of tidying up, I can help with that. I'll look over your current copy and see where subtle language changes could help tip that unsure customer over into the checkout area.

Agency? Let's work together!

If you run an agency and need to outsource your client's copy needs to someone you can trust, I would love to discuss this with you and see if we could be a good fit. I already help out agencies with any project overspill, and I'm always happy to meet other agencies who may wish to use my services.

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