Upgrade your work-from-home life

Are you struggling with the many mindset and productivity challenges that come with working from home? Maybe you’re just getting started and want to set up the best WFH life from the outset?

Whether you are a freelancer, a remote full-time employee, or you operate a part-time side-hustle from home, this book offers some easily digestible tips for making the most of your homeworking life.

Inside, I share advice on:

- Setting up your ideal workspace to inspire you and limit distractions
- Creating the morning routine that sets you up for success
- Being organised and strategic about your day
- Learning to be disciplined
- Productivity hacks for maximum efficiency
- Setting boundaries with others, and protecting your mindset
- Dealing with loneliness when working solo
- The importance of movement, sleep, stress management, and more

As a freelance copywriter, I have spent the last three years honing my homeworking setup and systems. In this book, I share the lessons learned, and offer up plenty of nuggets of wisdom from fellow self-employed folks, business owners, bloggers, a productivity coach, a podcaster, a finance coach and a virtual pilates teacher, to name a few; there’s something for everyone who works in their pyjamas.

So… are you ready to upgrade your work-from-home life? Buy now and let’s get started.

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