Need some words? I can help with that. This is where you’ll find more information about what I offer, some of my most popular packages, testimonials from happy customers, and FAQs.

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I work with brands on all kinds of writing projects. Website copy, blogs and social media management are my most popular services, but I do lots of other things too.

Don’t see what you’re looking for listed below? Reach out for a chat about your project. Chances are I can either do it myself, or put you in touch with someone who can. 



I’ll match (or help develop) your brand voice, and write mouth-watering words that speak to your perfect-fit customer. I’m talking engaging, soulful, SEO-sprinkled copy that’s strategic yet totally ‘you’. 


Content writing

If you’re looking for a long-term writing relationship, I offer content packages for blogs and social media, so you can become a thought-leader for your audience and start interesting conversations.



I regularly (and discreetly!) write copy on behalf of other people, matching their tone and personality to help them be in more places at once.  


Social media management

It’s tough keeping your socials ticking over with valuable, exciting content. I do some light social media stalking to figure out the best strategy for you, and provide a monthly content calendar that’ll stop scrollers in their tracks. Plus, if your goal is to grow a particular platform, I have tricks up my sleeve.



I’m the Monica Geller of spelling and grammar. When you ask me to proofread your words, I take it very seriously and use my spell-checking superpowers to make sure your work is ready to be published. 



Got something already written? No problem. I’ll take a look to see where I can improve it, make suggestions, and together we can create something brilliant. 


Brand TOV work

Whether you have a startup or established brand, I excavate to uncover your story and ideal tone of voice, and provide a Brand Style Guide that can be used throughout your communications with your customers.

Why is copy important?

Being a copywriter, I'm a little biased, but there are actually many reasons why focusing on your copy can mean the difference between people stumbling upon your website and taking no notice, and becoming life-long, recurring customers.

If you owned a bricks-and-mortar store, you'd want only the best stock and signage in the window... right? So why skimp on the words that connect people to your brand online?

I wrote a post about this, here:

Caitlin is an absolute dream to work with. When she provided me with the social media calendar for the first week, it was almost as if she had read my mind! Her ideas are unique, original and fun - and her hands-on approach means that she is a fantastic team player who brings her own game to the table.
- Catherine Cornelissen, Founder of Decor A List
Caitlin has been working with Hollabox for over a year now, on various projects including copywriting, creating our content strategy and managing all our social channels. She is a very skilled writer and individual, who is more than capable of adapting her writing style to different platforms and audiences. She’s shown a huge amount of flexibility in her role and is always full of great ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our content and platform. Her hardworking, positive and sociable nature have made her a real asset to our team, and we always look forward to working with her.
- Emily Cruickshank, CMO of Hollabox
I’ve been working with Caitlin for over 3 years now and can’t recommend her enough. She works quickly and efficiently, producing high quality, polished content every time.
- Susie Ma, Founder of Tropic Skincare, Forbes 30 Under 30 winner
We were lucky enough to be recommended Caitlin’s services whilst embarking on the journey of completely redesigning our website. After sending over my mindless ramblings on what I wanted our new look website to say to our customers, I received a very prompt revamp of what would eventually become our new website copy. I was extremely impressed, not only with the changes made, but how it was presented to me, in a format that explained both what was changed, why it was changed, and suggested further edits and keywords for SEO optimisation, to help make the copy more engaging to potential clients. The flow of information is now greatly improved thanks to Caitlin’s hard work.
- Carl Moore, Client Liaison/Band M.D. at JTen Events
I worked with Caitlin during my latest book, "Things You Won't Believe About Music". She is a consignment professional and extremely detailed in her approach. She made the proofing process extremely easy and gave excellent feedback in every area. This gave me huge confidence in knowing the product I am promoting has been taken to the next level. I strongly recommend Caitlin for anyone undertaking a project similar to mine.
- Scott Cowie, Author of 'Things You Won't Believe About Music'
It’s an absolute pleasure working with Caitlin. Not only is her work fantastic, but her dedication and understanding are out of this world. She has a real knack for being able to get into your audience's shoes, and write real content that’s engaging and SEO friendly. Caitlin’s always on time, always clear about where she’s up to and what she’s working on, so you never have that worry about chasing or questioning. She just gets the job done, exceptionally well.
- Stephanie Newport-Booth, Co-founder of GoSweat / Heka

Fancy a virtual cuppa?

I hope this page (plus the below FAQs) will answer any questions you have, but if not I’m always happy to discuss whatever you need.

Go ahead and send over some rough details of what you’re looking for, and I will come back with my availability and an estimated project price, so you can decide if it’s compatible with your budget. If you want to go ahead, we can arrange a virtual coffee to chat about it in more detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet you in person to discuss projects?

Since the pandemic, I have moved my initial consultation meetings to Zoom to avoid unnecessary travel. But don’t worry, we can still chat at length on video or phone call until you are satisfied that we’ve covered everything you need.

Do you offer additional services?

I’m all about the words, so anything visual or technical I tend to outsource (with the exception of social media graphics). I have a large pool of fellow freelancers who work in graphic design, SEO, video production and more, and I trust them to deliver exceptional work in these areas. I’m happy to outsource to them with your permission or put you in touch directly at no extra cost.

What is your process with new clients?

I keep it simple: you send me an email with a rough outline of what you need, I come back to you with an estimated quote to make sure my prices match your budget.

If you’re happy to go ahead, we have an introductory call to discuss details, which I will then confirm over email, and ask you to sign a very basic contract to secure my services (depending on the project, a deposit may be required).

I may send you a brand questionnaire to get to know your business in more depth and gauge your brand voice, then I can get stuck in! I’ll get your project back to you within the agreed-upon timescale - I don’t dilly-dally.

Do you offer quick-turnaround?

I sure do! Although I am usually booked up in advance, I tend to have a few spare hours available for last-minute projects, and I’m typically happy to take these on at a small additional fee to accommodate any late-night or weekend hours.

How much do you charge?

I wish I could give you a price list, but it entirely depends on the project and time spent. I’m very up-front about costs so I aim to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be spending before I start work. None of the “I’ve overrun and need to charge you extra” stuff.

I also offer a Startup Discount and Charity Discount. To find out my prices per project, feel free to get in touch through the contact form with a rough idea of what it is you need, and I’ll come back to you ASAP.

P.S. Don't you hate it when you send an enquiry and get bombarded with emails and phone calls and carrier pigeons asking for your business? Me too. I'll reply to your enquiry but I promise your details are safe from spam.

Are you always around if I need to talk?

Yup. It’s worth noting that I travel often in the UK and abroad, and I take my copywriting business on the road with me. That said, I’m always available via email, phone and video call, and happy to take last-minute calls if you have any questions.