I work in a freelance capacity with the Hollabox team (that’s us in the picture below!) as the Marketing Manager, taking care of everything from app copy to social media to in-app messaging and PR outreach. Below you’ll find some of the projects I’ve worked on with Hollabox…

In August 2020 we launched a new version of the Hollabox app, and I was tasked with writing the copy displayed at various points throughout the user journey, such as sign-up messaging, categories, personalisation and more.

Before the launch of the new app came a complete overhaul of the brand style, which meant a new logo (below), colours, graphics and more. Part of this redesign included reviewing the copy to shape the brand’s tone of voice and ensure it was capturing the attention of a Gen Z audience.

Perks of the job! Being an experience app, we sometimes get to go try out some fun things around London with the team, film them for social media, and create content about our visit. Here we are at the Wimbledon Rematch immersive experience waiting for Borg vs McEnroe!

I come up with fun, engaging push notifications to prompt users to take advantage of new features and content on the app.

At Hollabox, we create video ads to promote some of the most popular (and weirdest!) experiences, which I provide the caption copy for. You’ll see an example below.

I was tasked with generating PR interest for the brand, and we have since been featured in Startups Magazine, and been chosen as finalists for several industry awards. Woohoo!

I am solely responsible for the brand’s social media presence, and have turned what was originally a sparsely updated, stagnant Instagram account into a place where people can visit to learn about the best experiences, restaurants, bars and more in their city or wherever they are.

“Caitlin has been working with Hollabox for over a year now, on various projects including copywriting, creating our content strategy and managing all our social channels.

She is a very skilled writer and individual, who is more than capable of adapting her writing style to different platforms and audiences. She’s shown a huge amount of flexibility in her role and is always full of great ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our content and platform.

Her hardworking, positive and sociable nature have made her a real asset to our team, and we always look forward to working with her.”

– Emily Cruickshank, CMO of Hollabox