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I offer content packages for blogs and social media, so you can become a thought-leader for your audience, and start interesting conversations. Whether you're looking for a one-off article, a series of blogs, or a regular newsletter, I can help.

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Content Writing

“[Caitlin] has a real knack for being able to get into your audience’s shoes, and write real content that’s engaging and SEO friendly.”

– Stephanie Newport-Booth, Co-founder of GoSweat / Heka

Happy Clients

I’ve worked with everyone from solopreneurs and startups, to nationwide non-profits and award-winning luxury businesses. Below you'll find a few clients I've had the pleasure of working with on content writing projects over the years.

It’s an absolute pleasure working with Caitlin. Not only is her work fantastic, but her dedication and understanding are out of this world. She has a real knack of being able to get into your audience's shoes, and write real content, that’s engaging and SEO friendly. Caitlin’s always on time, always clear about where she’s up to and what she’s working on, so you never have that worry about chasing or questioning. She just gets the job done, exceptionally well.
- Stephanie Newport-Booth, Co-founder of GoSweat / Heka
Caitlin is an absolute dream to work with. When she provided me with the social media calendar for the first week, it was almost as if she had read my mind! Her ideas are unique, original and fun - and her hands-on approach means that she is a fantastic team player who brings her own game to the table.
- Catherine Cornelissen, Founder of Decor A List
Time Out Editors' Blogger Pick of the Year 2016
- Time Out London

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as 'content'?

Your website is how you invite your clients to the party, and your content is how you keep them there. Anyone can create a product and sell it, but it's the experience you create for your customers that makes you a brand. Brands keep their customers coming back again and again by providing regular, engaging and irresistible content, so they have no reason to leave the party - and ultimately, they'll buy more!

Shouldn't I be writing my blog myself?

Not necessarily. Many people find maintaining a brand blog tiresome, especially if they're a small business. The problem is, blogs can help with everything from connecting with your customers to improving your website SEO (more traffic = more money!).

Lots of businesses hire ghostwriters like me to write a consistent stream of relevant and engaging content for their blogs, and sometimes that means writing in the founder's voice.

I need lots of content - can I get a discount?

Oh, go on then! My blog writing packages mean that the more content you request, the cheaper each post becomes. Ka-ching!

Is it just blogs you write?

Nope. Blogs are a bit like my bread and butter, but in terms of content, I've written articles, whitepapers, newsletter content, and much more. Let me know what you need.

Shall we make content magic?

If your brand or personal blog currently feels stagnant, directionless and hard to maintain, I can turn it into a focused, goal-driven, engaging stream of regular content that surprises and delights your ideal customers. Sound good? Get in touch.

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