Why your copy matters

Copywriting is more than just knowing your commas from your compound adjectives. It’s understanding how to craft a really delicious sentence. You know the kind of sentence that summarises everything you’ve been feeling recently, and speaks to you on a deep, deep level.

Sure, if your business is selling dishwasher soap then there’s only so much deliciousness you can bring to the table, but I’m willing to bet there’s a more exciting way to tell your customers what you offer.

See, anyone can write your bog-standard ‘GET YOUR DISHWASHER SOAP HERE!’, but it takes a certain amount of craft and care to turn that sentence into something that makes your ideal customer’s brain go ‘huh, I actually do need dishwasher soap’.
(Even if they don’t.)

Being a copywriter and all, I might be a little biased, but I believe words can be the difference between someone scrolling past your advert, and someone becoming a life-long customer. It’s time to let them know that dishwasher soap just got sexy.

Here are 5 reasons why copywriting is actually a really, really good investment, no matter what business you’re in.

Words help convey the transformation

What’s the transformation, you ask? It’s what you’re offering your customer. Yes, even you with the dishwasher soap. Though this doesn’t exactly scream life-changing, that’s what sales copy is meant to achieve. Copy can take a mundane subject and make it useful, exciting, and a must-have. If someone is in desperate need of dishwasher soap and they come across an ad for it, they’ll most likely buy.

But what about the person who’s not looking for dishwasher soap? That boring ad won’t make a teeny bit of difference to them. Your ad, however. Your ad is different. It says “Goodbye scrubbing, hello family TV night”.

Almost instantly they can picture the transformation; no more scrubbing dishes when they emerge from the dishwasher STILL dirty (*ahem* pain point alert!), but at its core, it is the promise of time that entices them most. That means more time to spend with family, more time for what’s important. That’s the transformation, and your copy needs to help them see this.

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo your business

… and that converts to sales!

So you’ve shown your ideal customer how their life could be transformed. Now, how do you convince them that buying your product or service is the best option for them (and not send them straight over to browse Amazon for a cheaper option)? Yup, copy.

There’s the type of copy that entices your ideal customers with visions of a better life, and then there’s the type of copy that seals the deal by encouraging them to hit the ‘buy’ button. You need both.

With a carefully structured sales funnel, and just the right words, you can seamlessly guide your ideal customer from browsing right through to the buying stage with the perfect call to action. Ultimately that’s where you want your customers to end up, and you can use any amount of imagery, arrows or tactics you like to lead them there, but without the words that will help them imagine the transformation, it’s all useless, and none of it will lead to sales.

Geez Tom, calm down!

It helps build your brand image

You wouldn’t just put any old stock in the window of your shop, would you? So why would you put meaningless, bland, filler words on the first page of your website? That doesn’t give a very good first impression of your brand. Effective copy can suggest to your customers in just a few words what your core values are as a business, and how you are to be perceived.

If they like the overall image you are portraying through your tone, the words used, and whether or not you are relatable, they’ll be more likely to buy from you. Simple.

We’ve all been there…

It sets you apart from competitors

Even if you’re in an incredibly competitive market, having your own brand identity, ethos and back story can set you apart, and that is typically expressed through the copy you use. Even if you’re first to market and have a copycat competitor riding your coattails, trying to do what you do for a piece of your pie, they’ll find it difficult to convey the same quality, service and brand beliefs without matching your copy word-for-word (which is, of course, highly frowned upon).

Spending time and money on crafting a truly kick-ass brand identity and story will undoubtedly make you stand out from a sea of competition, especially when your story includes a personal reason for why you do what you do. What if you sell dishwasher soap because it’s an eco-friendly cleaning mixture from a family recipe that has been working for the people of your town for generations, and now you want to share it with more people? That’s a story, right there, and your competitors won’t be able to catch up.

It creates real connections with your customers

At the end of the day, your copy is how you talk to your customers. The tone you choose to take and the way you share your message is key when it comes to connecting with the right people at the right time. If you’re selling dishwasher soap, you’re probably not targeting a Gen Z audience, so there’s no need to include TikTok references and meme-y phrases. Similarly, if you’re selling luxury yacht holidays you’re going to want to use language that connects to their YOLO side. You know, “once-in-a-lifetime trip”, “opulent”, “exclusive”, “lavish”, or perhaps “bottomless caviar” will work.

Copywriting is your opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level, and speak to one of their core beliefs. For the yacht holidays, it might be a belief that life is for living. For the Gen Z audience, it might be a belief that we need to protect the planet. For the dishwasher soap audience, it might be a fundamental belief that nobody should have to look at a soaking Le Creuset pot in their sink ever again! Neverrrrr.

Figure out the desires, beliefs and values of your target audience, and write copy that speaks directly to that. This will help them see you as more than just a product they might buy. Instead, you become a brand with the very same values, a community they want to be a part of, a voice they want to follow.

Why hire a copywriter to do this?

Good question! I’ve just given you all the tools to write up some tasty copy all by yourself if you feel the desire to do so. However, if you want to benefit from my years of experience writing copy that’s truly delicious, and will turn your customers from browsers to buyers, this is where you click to ask me questions and enquire about how I can help with your next project 👇

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